This is not a Photograph

It seems today that a mass of pixels electronically written to a plastic disc is passing for a portrait. And displaying them for friends and family consists of posting to social media. The problem with that is 10 seconds after posting they have disappeared down the line below every post that came after. It cheapens the artistry and mood that was so painstakingly created by a true photographer.

Having a physical copy and displaying that in a place of honor does justice to the people in the photograph and should be the reason it was made.

Here are just a few reasons why having a disc shouldn’t be your goal.

True Story –

A photographer friend sold the digital files to a client from a family portrait session. The client had them printed on their own. The images they created did not look good. The colors were bad, Ick!

She (the client) had a friend over and the friend commented on the colors. They both agreed it was the photographer’s fault. Now that photographer’s fine reputation is tarnished.

We don’t sell files because we believe in delivering quality prints as gifts, art pieces or albums. Thankfully, few of our clients ask.

Sure we’ll provide small files for social media but the originals are considered the main tool used to produce the final photographs. When we lose control over how they get printed it hurts our name and our bottom line.

It’s like going to a fine restaurant and telling the chef… “Don’t cook that steak. Give me the ingredients and I’ll go home and save some money cooking it myself “(trying not to have to pay much for someone else’s time and effort is the real reason people ask for files). Then the chef is somehow to blame for the meal turning out crappy because you tried to cook it with no knowledge of the chef’s technique.

Listen, I create timeless memories of your babies, your family and your cherished moments in life. It’s what I do. Some “pro” photographers will shoot and burn you a DVD, take your money and run. Guess that’s fine if that’s the level and quality of service you want. Personally, I don’t think any of them value their work very much operating that way.

I take my art serious and want to give you the best I’ve got to give and get paid for it. Otherwise, it’s just a hobby, I’m a hack and I won’t be in business very long.

There are occasionally certain circumstances where a digital file may be provided for very specific purposes. And yes, we include files with commercial and editorial work but that’s it. I think you’ll find this true of any serious photographer that is a real business. Thanks for listening.


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