• Paperdolls™


    Paperdolls™, how to describe them? They are a fantastic way to pull someone right out of a photograph. They are...

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  • High School Seniors

    High School Seniors

    This is for you, seniors. As it becomes time to plan for your most important year you should also consider...

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  • Fine Art & Theme Portraits

    Fine Art & Theme Portraits

    Step out of space and time. This is the place for daydreams and painterly heirloom portraits. A hand painted portrait...

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  • Pets, We’re Family, Too

    Pets, We’re Family, Too

    Our pets, they are our furry or scaly family members. We love them like any others in the family so...

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  • Family Life

    Family Life

    Of course you want portraits of every member of the family. To chronicle and preserve as a heritage of all...

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  • Something out of the Ordinary

    Something out of the Ordinary

    Free Flight Welcome to my favorite hobby and an art in its own right. A type of model airplane that...

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