Something out of the Ordinary

Free Flight

Welcome to my favorite hobby and an art in its own right. A type of model airplane that you have probably seen a version of but didn’t know what they are called. They are not the style of model that everyone thinks of when told that you fly them, yet they are the oldest type of model airplane building and flying.

My models are Free Flight. They are not radio controlled. In fact they aren’t controlled at all except for built in settings made as the models are slowly “trimmed” with a stability to fly on their own.

These were the type of airplanes flown way back when model aviation first began. They were extremely popular then and remain so with a certain sect of modeler to this day. There aren’t as many of us as there used to be and several things are to blame.

For the most part ready to fly radio controlled airplanes are easily available. Some can be flown in your own backyard. Second, you pretty much have to build your own plane for Free Flight and many people don’t have the time or have interests in other activities that keep them busy. And third it is advisable to have a pretty large area in which to fly. Very hard to find these days although there are numerous fields around the country where liked-minded modelers get together and hold contests a few times per year.

Since Free Flight models aren’t controlled once released to the air each flight, short or long is an adventure. They are like stained glass windows floating in the air. Fun to fly your own and fun to watch others fly. A little more was mentioned in my blog.

If you think you would like to know more check out my club’s website here . Then come out and meet a number of people from all walks of life as well as watch us fly. You might just find yourself joining us. If nothing else you will have a new experience.


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