Paperdolls™, how to describe them? They are a fantastic way to pull someone right out of a photograph. They are our favorite type of art photo since we developed our version 30 plus years ago. We consider them the folk art of all our photography art offerings.
They are fun, timeless and offer the perfect gift for family. They are especially prized by grandparents. We’ve had numerous clients tell us that their children’s grandparents don’t care for any other gift until they get their Paperdoll™ first.
These little cut-outs are great for any activity or occasion such as sports, dance, dress-up and just everyday clothes. And subjects can be posing or in action.
Paperdolls™ take up much less space than framed portraits. This makes them excellent for small areas, desks at work and out of the way nooks and crannies around the house.
Getting your own is easy as we offer a number of ways to obtain them. There are individual sessions in our studio, “parties” that we hold along with someone to host in numerous locations or even send us your digital file or ready to use prints.
Paperdolls™ can be of anyone including pets or almost any thing. All members of the family and friends as well. You are never too old for a Paperdoll™ or too young for that matter.
Call us, we can give you all the details including how to host a party, our referral program and party “bring a friend” options. We are available all year but we do so many of these that appointments are necessary. Call to be sure we aren’t backed up before sending photos.

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