Fine Art & Theme Portraits

Step out of space and time. This is the place for daydreams and painterly heirloom portraits. A hand painted portrait from your session with each brush stroke precisely placed will become a cherished possession and a tradition to establish for each member of the family.
While most of our work is digital painting and produces a beautiful piece in its own right, traditional oils can be applied to the canvas for a more textured feel. The advantage of these is an affordable alternative to a “pure” painting that will richly grace your home.
Every child’s dream can be brought to life with one of our imaginative Fantasy Theme Portraits. Magical Fairy Lands, Princesses, adventurous Pirates or spending time at the old fishing hole. These are just a tiny list of ideas to indulge anyone’s reverie.
We hold special events during the year at the studio where one of our many musings is featured in a short session at a special price. Check our blog on this site or our Facebook page for upcoming specials. We will posts them several times on FB to keep you reminded.
If you are unable to attend a desired event but truly want that one for your child we can for a small additional fee set up the scene again for your private session.

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