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Self 2 David has been a professional photographer long enough to have used plenty of film for producing fine portraits. The type most people want for the memories and decorating their homes.

Originally trained in fine art, drawing and painting gave way to the camera because of

an epiphany. The discovery that the machine used to gather inspiration and documentation for an art piece could be that art all on its own. More ideas could be explored in a shorter amount of time.

Many years of enjoyment ensued learning the technical as well as the esthetic. Training with some of the top photographers in the country and increasing abilities during the journey. With the advent of quality digital photography David has come full circle now combining traditional style artwork with photography.

Now with the help of some specialized equipment and a huge file of backgrounds it is like creating magic. It’s not green screen which is ill suited to still photography and somewhat lazy. Each portrait we make with our method is unrivaled in its creativity and our clients are quite impressed and eager to be a part of designing their portraits.

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portrait planning and style ideas


appointments & consulting

We try to be easy to work with and accommodate your needs as totally as possible. Therefore we work by appointment only to ensure that you have the time needed to create your special portrait.

To make sure your photographs are the best they can be we recommend a short pre-portrait consultation (even if only over the phone) to discuss ideas and plan clothing and appropriate props. That way when you arrive everything can be ready for a smooth session.


Studio or location

First and foremost we want you to enjoy your time with us. It will be all too short but will produce images for perennial memories. We love working in the controlled environment of our studio. Adjusting lighting, backgrounds and props to produce images of enduring quality.

Yet we are equally at home outdoors or other away locations. Much time has been spent to know the properties of light and use it to advantage and to modify it when it is less than ideal. Because of that there may be situations where we will ask someone present in your group to assist with holding reflectors or blocking panels.


timing is everything

We may also decide that the light just isn’t proper for the location at the time. If we are given the opportunity to “scout” the location ahead of the appointment we may be able to set you session for the best time for the light or we may suggest a better place.

Your portraits are too important to push a bad situation. We have seen too much of that from some newcomers to the scene. Bad shadows or an attempt to correct a problem by continuing to lighten the image until faces are washed out to the point of looking like cartoons or the beautiful background which was the reason for choosing the location is just about burned away. Still trying to pass it off as somehow professional.


Viewing in studio & Online

Now, once your portrait session is complete we will prepare the images and schedule a viewing and order appointment. Once you place your order we will place the portraits online for you to view again as well as family and friends who may want to order for themselves.

Our Fine Art and Fantasy theme portraits are all package based and include basic retouching and enhancements. An appreciable amount of time and talent is expended to prepare and produce images of lasting worth and quality. Most are available any time but we do occasionally offer a special short session day with exclusive pricing just for those days.


pricing & payments


In setting up your session there are a couple of choices. You may choose Session Fee based or Minimum Order based. With Session Fee you would pay a traditional “sitting” which covers nothing but the time to produce the images. Then purchase choices can be made from our Al-a-carte price list with no minimum.

Minimum Order based allows you to purchase a pre-paid amount and use that amount to purchase whatever you want from the Al-a-carte price list. There is no session fee involved so your money can go farther. There are several levels of minimum order. With the higher price minimums the price list gets discounted so that you get even greater value for your money.

The session fee or 50% of your minimum order choice is due on the day you schedule your session. The initial charges are necessary to hold your appointment and are non-refundable. You may however change your appointment time once without loss.         Minimum order size may be increased at any time to take advantage of the discounted price list.


our commitment to excellence


We aren’t like the snap-shooters for hire or so called natural light photographers from which comes the bad lighting and lazy non-posing. Our work is meant to maintain its artistic quality and heirloom significance. However, we do try to run a low overhead studio so that you will not have to pay for an expensive building or amenities that in the long run add nothing to the finished photographs. With us, you get a real artist’s studio. This way we can offer you an exceptional value in a boutique quality portrait.


Services overview

We at David Barfield Photography are please to offer a full range of services to suit your needs. From studio portraits to location shoots, we can do it all.

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Our Passion

bannerDavid loves to work with those who are excited by true fine art and hopes to continue to find those special people for his models for years to come. As you can see from his self-portraits he practices what he preaches.

Cathy runs the office and maintains contact with all of our clients. She is also instrumental in the design of many of our sets and costumes as well as producing our regular greeting cards of grandson CJ and granddaughter Morgan.

To be able to provide a continuing level of excellence Barfield Photography Arts maintain memberships in several professional organizations including:

Professional Photographers of America


Georgia Professional Photographers Association


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