PaperDolls on an Airplane

Paperdolls™ On A Plane


Paperdolls™ are extremely versatile. A portrait that is not only out of the ordinary but useful for so many situations. One interesting example is in the photo above.

As time goes by I would like to not only show my traditional portrait work and expand on the Paperdolls™ but also showcase some of what I like to refer to as my 3D artwork.

Some may say, “3D art, well that is just a sculpture.” In a way that may be true but these sculptures do more. They are kinetic art and move through the air. “Oh, so they are toy airplanes?” Maybe a fair assessment but since I consider anything art that is beautiful and stirs the senses these “toys” do that and more.

Let me introduce you to Free Flight. These models are constructed as light as possible. They are covered in what is referred to as Japanese tissue which is very translucent. Floating in the air with the sun shining through they can be compared to a flying stained glass window. Performance art.

One final note before returning to some Paperdoll™ info. These airplanes are not controlled in the air by the person on the ground once they are launched. Therefore, they have to be preset as much as possible before letting them go in hopes of getting them back. Very exciting every flight.

Anyway, the Paperdolls™ on board of my grandson and I made perfect pilots for a little realism. In the same way think of any activity you love and enjoy. Wouldn’t these little statues make a great way to remember and display that love for you and your children?



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